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...has been created to save you energy and money by making LED replacement light bulbs available easily, and at a great price. We have provided a few simple solutions for your various lighting applications that will give years of excellent service while paying for themselves in the shortest time possible.

Installing earth-friendly LED replacement bulbs instead of wasteful incandescent or harmful compact fluorescents will help reduce greenhouse emissions while preserving natural resources around the globe. Made of 100% recyclable materials, each product has been tested and proven to maximize energy efficiency while providing both pleasant color and brightness in any environment.

LED Lighting Appeals to Lance Armstrong

Information swirls all around concerning LED replacement bulbs and how they will work for you.
In a recent post on Lance Armstrong's blog many questions were answered about which bulbs might suit your application best.
Most incandescent bulbs have been ruled out and fluorescents don't hold a candle to LEDs. Take a look at how you can become better informed by going to the link

CFL's don't shine! Consumers and Pols revolt!

CFL's don't shine! Consumers and Pols revolt!
With the advent of California's ban on 100-watt incandescent light bulbs consumers throughout the country can see the writing on the wall.
Congress has passed legislation that will effectively ban ALL incandescent or other inefficient type light bulbs from retail sale. One consequence of this ban is consumers have flocked to CFL's with unsatifactory results. The light is poor quality, CFLs take a long time to "warm-up" and they contain poisonous Mercury in every bulb.

California First in US to BAN Incandescent Bulbs; LEDs Offer Perfect Alternate

The times they are a changin'! With the start of the new year California has established rules banning inefficient incandescent bulbs that do not meet strict energy saving criteria.
Incandescent household bulbs rated at 100 watts are no longer available for sale with in the state as California leads the way toward a greener future. Alternative use of LED bulbs and the dangerous and poor quality compact fluorescent bulbs are the choices for consumers shopping for bulbs today.

World's Most Famous Building Goes 100% GREEN

Completed in 1931 the Empire State Building is arguably the most famous building in the world. With visitors from around the globe, including King Kong in the original 1933 film and more recently in the remake everyone knows its silhouette.
But for years the aging structure was in need of a revamping of its infrastructure, still in the original design from over 80 years ago.

LEDs Offer Alternatives to BANNED Incandescent Bulbs

California has banned the sale of 100 watt incandescent light bulbs and opened the door for LEDs. With  90% better energy efficiency LEDs offer consumers and business owners a logical, cost effective alternative.

LED's Fire-up New Green Paths for Commercial Enterprise

By now it is clear that LED lighting can change the world if given a chance. But the bulk of energy that is wasted is in the commercial sector, where coincidentally, the financial return on investment can be quite high.

If LED is Good Enough for Starbucks...

Several large retailers are making the switch to LED lighting and doing it in a hurry. The obvious reduction in costs and related energy savings will be both beneficial to the bottom line and for promotional opportunities.

The Good and Bad of Going Green with LED Replacement Bulbs

With so many options available today we all need to be making wise choices about our energy consumption.

Awareness of Green Alternatives Grows for Consumers

Replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs is just part of the story being told by environmentalists today. The issue at hand is not simply a matter of dumping incandescent but choosing between alternatives LED and compact fluorescent (cfl).

All About LED Replacement Light Bulbs

Today everyone feels the pain of high energy costs and depleting natural resources. By using LED Light Bulbs there is finally something we can all do to help.

Going Green Can Be Fun When Everyday Is Earth Day !

It seems incredible that the first Earth Day celebration was 40 years ago and still today we work to resolve environmental issues.

Why Go Green With LED Light Bulbs? Extraordinary Life Span!

LED light bulbs have many things going for them. LED bulb longevity is second to no other bulb currently avialble at more than 50,000 hours of expected use. In an average home that is more than 25 years when used for 5 hours a day.

T-8 Replacement LEDs Discounted at

These days we see plenty of inefficient fluorescent tube lights in showcases at department stores and in refrigerated cases at the grocers.

Niagara Falls Goes Green in 2011 with LED Street Lamps

No place speaks more clearly to the need for energy saving solutions that standing beside a roaring waterfall. 
The shear power of the rushing water and the possiblity for electrical generation seems almost limitless. But in today's world, nothing is off limits when it comes to finding a more efficient light source.

Green for the Holidays

The holidays sparkle with home and commercial  lighting decorations. Lights twinkle and glow across the landscape and LED lighting is changing the scene to a more efficient energy use.

Going Green is More Than Buying LED Bulbs

While an effective plan to save energy and preserve the planet for future generations should include changing bulbs out to LEDs, there is much more we can do.
Like pulling the plug.

LED Lighting Creates New Energy Wave

Opportunites to save energy present themselves everyday and it is up to each of us to get on board with strategies that make the world a little "greener".

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