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...has been created to save you energy and money by making LED replacement light bulbs available easily, and at a great price. We have provided a few simple solutions for your various lighting applications that will give years of excellent service while paying for themselves in the shortest time possible.

Installing earth-friendly LED replacement bulbs instead of wasteful incandescent or harmful compact fluorescents will help reduce greenhouse emissions while preserving natural resources around the globe. Made of 100% recyclable materials, each product has been tested and proven to maximize energy efficiency while providing both pleasant color and brightness in any environment.

LED G-24Q Four Pin Push-in Base

G-24Q 7 w
NoCFLG24Q1G24 Ceiling

High Power LED Bulb, G-24Q Four Pin Base floodlight uses only 5, 7 or 9 watts of power to replace a 26 watt Compact Fluorescent bulb.

  G-24Q four-pin socket base for use in 120 VAC fixtures.

Bypass existing ballasts in standard recessed cans

 Available in three color values, warm, neutral and cool.

  Model G24Q Features:

  • Three Year Warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Lumens output 850lm - 1200lm
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Dimensions   Diameter : 1.5" X  Length  : 6.25"
  • Standard G-24Q Four Pin Push-in base
  • Use 80%  less energy
  • Last 50,000+ hours
  • Maintenance Free 
  • No RF Interference 
  • Aluminum fixture/ Polycarbonate/ Glass lens
  • UV-Protected Bulb Design 
  • No harmful UV produced and no mercury to dispose of
  • Solid-State, High Shock, Vibration Resistance
  • Low Power Consumption, High Intensity
  • For indoor use or in an approved, weatherproof, sealed outdoor housing 
  • Ambient Operating Temperature Range: ~-22°F to ~+122°F [~-30°C to ~+50°C]

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Weight: 1 lb.
Dimensions: 6.5in. × 1.5in. × 1.5in.
List Price: $86.00
Price: $44.00

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T-8 Direct replacement LED LAMP

Hyperikon T-8 LED

T-8 Energy Efficient LED Solution for replacing fluorescent lighting. Provides light where you need it most. Easy to install with existing mounting brackets. USe with or without most existing electronic ballasts.

  • Brighter than most fluorescent T-8 lamps
  • Easy two-pin mount to existing "tombstones".
  • Uses existing electronic ballasts or bypass ballast.


Weight: 1 lb.
Dimensions: 48in. × 4in. × 14in.
List Price: $44.00
Price: $24.00

Mini-ORION .75" Wide LED Under Cabinet Strip Light - SuperBright

Clear StripMini-O clearCounter Shot

Mini- ORION Energy Efficient LED Solution for under cabinet lighting. Provides light where you need it most. Easy to install with factory installed self-adhesive strips or available mounting clips. Slim 1/2" profile, 3/4" width for easy placement under shelves and cabinets.

  • Super Bright provides more than twice the light of economy
  • Easy self-adhesive tape installation.
  • Steel mounting brackets or clear acrylic mounts available.
  • Available with clear or frosted lens.
  • Dimmable with dimmer sold separately.
  • May be daisy-chained for single remote driver using driver sold separately.
  • Available in warm, cool, or cold color temperatures.
  • Lengths available from 4 1/4" thru 96 7/8".
  • 120 degree light beam angle (beam spread).
  • Lumenous flux equal to 40 foot candles.
Weight: 1 lb.
Dimensions: 4in. × 14in. × 14in.
List Price: $49.00
Price: $14.70

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